1994 Celica ST

1994 Toyota Celica

This was my first Toyota, bought in 2001.

20V AE101 4A-GE running on AE111 electronics
KYB AGX struts/Eibach Springs
ST204 (Celica GT) disc brakes all around
Suspension Techniques sway bars
Toyota JDM aero extensions & TRD wing
John Deere yellow paint

1988 Celica GT

1988 Toyota Celica GT

Bought for $300 as a beater, this car was slow, automatic, and rock solid. It went through a lot of budget work.

1988 Celica GT-S

1988 Celica GT-S

Intended to be more of a fun car than it actually was, this car continually had electrical starting issues that were impossible to figure out. Overall, I was not very happy with the car.

2002 Corolla S

2002 Corolla S

Extremely reliable and practical, I love this car. Automatic and you never have to worry about it.

1987 Corolla FX16 GT-S

1987 Corolla FX16 GT-S

Someone else had swapped a 20v 4A-GE into it, and everything on the car was basically done wrong. So happy when I finally got rid of it.

1986 MR2

1986 MR2 with 20V 4A-GE

Someone else had swapped a 20v 4A-GE into this one as well, and it had it's issues the whole time I owned it. Which was not long, as it died on the freeway and I gave it away.

1987 Corolla FX

1987 Toyota Corolla FX

Slow as molasses, but the body is clean. Needs a motor swap and some other work.

1992 MR2

1992 Toyota MR2

A super solid aquamarine pearl MR2 hardtop with lots of suspension/brake upgrades and a fairly-new 5S-FE motor.