Head Unit: Pioneer MVH-X381BT (used from eBay, $30)
Speakers: Alpine Type E 6.5" Co-axials ($30 from Sonic Electronix)
Sub: Kicker Comp 10C102 (from my AW11 MR2)
Sub Amp: Zapco ST-1 (factory refurbished, purchased by my brother)
Sub Box: Goldwood TR10F 10" Single Truck Box ($25 from PartsExpress)

Amp is installed in the rear storage cubby behind the passenger seat. I screwed the amp to two pieces of wood and then stapled an old bicycle tube to the wood so that it sits tightly and securely in the storage bin.

Amplifier Mount Amplifier Mount

Factory Toyota M5 bolts hold the stock head unit in, but I had to use M4 bolts to hold the Pioneer head unit in. They felt a bit loose like you were on the verge of stripping the head unit as you got them close to tight, so I lightly tightened them and applied Gorilla tape over the 3 screws that hold the head unit into the bracket.

Ran the 8-gauge power cable through a grommet used for stock wiring on the passenger-side footwell area.

Discovered many more broken plastic interior bits inside the car. Broken lower dash, broken ashtray base, missing and incorrect screws used, etc.

Broken Lower Dash

Also discovered that the oil line for the mechanical oil pressure gauge leaks a slight bit of oil in the center console area where it's ran. And it has a sensor which doesn't fit well under the center console.

Oil Line inside MR2

Discovered that my car is wired from the factory for fog lights (which I have), so that install should be easy next time I get the car up in the air. Not gonna use the Toyota switch but will use a ParsExpress toggle switch instead. R-B provides ground at the switch connector, while G-Y is switched ground to the fog light relay in the frunk.

And fixed the LH seat slider (the stock wire was gone, added some solid household copper wiring)

Fixed MR2 Seat Slider

Sub Box Details:
Goldwood truck boxes are CNC cut using 3/4" MDF and glued air tight, producing a strong, tight, rock-solid box. High quality black polyester carpet puts the finishing touch on this box. For use with 10" woofer. Slanted front design.

Dimensions: 15" H x 19" W x 7-1/4" (5-1/2" Top) D
Approximately 0.7 cu. ft
Cutout: 9-1/8" Diameter